Mission Statement and Covenant

The members of All Peoples United Church of Christ (APUCC) have adopted the following two statements to provide guidance for worship and service.  The Mission Statement is used to begin each worship service to remind us of the reason we band together.

Mission Statement
With God’s guidance and love for one another, we strive
to be an inclusive, nurturing, and challenging community of progressive, Christian seekers
in a manner that is relevant for our lives today.

We, the All Peoples United Church of Christ,
in Covenant
with God and with one another
strive to be a just-peace, inclusive congregation
welcoming diversity of age, race, gender, culture, sexual
orientation, life circumstances, and religious background.
With God’s guidance we strive to be a
nurturing and challenging community of Christian seekers.
We love, worship, and serve God, while loving and serving
humanity and all God’s creation.
We seek to be involved in helpful ways in our community
and to engage in mission and outreach in the larger world.
Jesus the Christ is our peace and our hope
and we are empowered by His grace.
We search the scripture with open mindedness,
knowing that while we always take it seriously,
we may not always take it literally.
We invite all people to join us
in our spiritual journey.
God is with us; we are not alone.
Thanks be to God.

Adopted January 14, 2001