Welcome to the All Peoples United Church of Christ Website!

We’re glad you found us.

Are you seeking a new church home?  Visitors find a joyful welcome at All Peoples United Church of Christ  (APUCC), an open and affirming, progressive community.  We warmly welcome visitors.  Whoever you are, whatever your race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, wherever you are on your faith journey, we welcome you.

Where to find us: All Peoples United Church of Christ rents meeting space in the Redmond Public Library in Redmond, Oregon. Join us for worship in the Community Rook of the library. Redmond Public Library is located at 827 Deschutes Avenue, Redmond, OR. Deschutes Avenue is two blocks south of Black Butte Blvd and the library is two blocks west of Redmond’s downtown 6th Street.

When we meet for worship: The congregation gathers for worship the first and third Sundays of each month at 11:00 a.m.  For detailed information, click on Worship Schedule and Worship Services under Worship. Worship lasts approximately one hour. The welcome includes coffee, tea and a light snack both before and after the worship service. We value conversation with visitors and with each other.  Come and get to know us.

Parking: The parking lot has plenty of spaces on Sundays, and handicapped parking near the front door.

What to wear: Worship services are casual.

Many worshipers choose a stole from a variety provided.  Down through history, stoles have symbolized service; the stoles indicate our commitment to serve one another and the wider community.

Contacting someone from APUCC: The easiest way to contact All Peoples United Church of Christ is through our email address, allpeoplesucc@gmail.com.  Contact us if you need a ride to worship or just would like to have someone to come with.

Come as a one-time visitor, curious to see how a church without a building or a pastor works or come back to participate in “being in church.”  Stay around to be part of our journey together.  Whatever your goals, come for the welcome and to meet new friends.

For information on our study and discussion group, and our fellowship meeting outside of worship, check the Worship Services page under Worship.